Groups (Organized Groups)


We have a team exclusively dedicated to group travel that creates programs for both affinity and special interest groups, for all budgets and durations, customizing the itinerary according to the group's specific needs and interests.

The dedicated team of travel consultants are experienced experts who travel extensively within the destination. Each year, the Groups team undertakes inspection trips to the different islands of the Azores, to stay up to date with new services, products and experiences.

We have successfully organized groups with innovative, exclusive and interactive itineraries: voluntary organizations/charities, educational institutions, sports teams and enthusiasts, religious groups, cultural and historical groups, nature groups, food and wine groups, walks and hiking trails, botanical/garden groups, agriculture groups, among others.



An established process for creating the best programs


  1. Stay in touch
    All requests are handled promptly by our team of specialized travel agents.
  2. Understand it
    It's part of our business to get to know you, your company and your customers, so we can create tailor-made itineraries to perfectly suit your customers and also maximize your revenue.
  3. In expert hands
    Our experienced team of travel consultants works closely with our suppliers, who we make a point of meeting in person, to ensure the best options for you.
  4. Our exclusive offer
    Our knowledge and passion for the Azores islands allows us to create and offer unique and memorable group programs.
  1. Premium customer service
    One of our group specialists will be available to work with you to monitor your group's entire travel process, from proposal to return home and post-trip comments.
  2. Offering precious memories
    Trust our over 45 years of experience and our dedicated team to create, organize and deliver wonderful travel experiences for your clients - leaving them with lasting memories.
  3. Our unique offer
    Our goal is to be your partner, working with you side by side to develop exciting, personalized and value-added travel programs that you and your customers want to repeat.



Typically our Groups product is segmented into different categories:


Classical Group Itineraries


These pre-made itineraries, extensively tested and approved, are created to ensure that the main tourist attractions of the Azores destination are covered and experienced. If these programs do not meet your interests or requirements, all itineraries can be modified, contact us and we will create a tailor-made itinerary for you.


Custom Groups

Group Travel is not necessarily just for one size or taste. Usually the interests of the groups are different or just more specific. A personalized vacation is exactly what it means, adapting a trip according to your groups' interests. You and your client decide what to include in the itinerary, choosing exactly which islands in the Azores to visit, the duration on each island and what to do. This way a completely unique trip is created.

We can offer all the necessary services for group travel, such as:

  • Flights and Boats
  • Hotels / Accommodation
  • Ground transportation:
    • Bus, Minibus, Van and Taxi
  • A good selection of restaurants, menus and dishes
  • Tour Guide dedicated to your Group Profile
  • Airport Reception and Assistance and Transfers
  • Sights, Excursions and Tours
  • Land activities
    • Jeep Tours, Hiking Tours, Bike Tours, Golf
  • Maritime Activities
    • Whale Watching, Swimming with Dolphins, Diving, Boat Trips
  • Itineraries of special interest, topics such as:
    • Gardens, Agricultural Farms / Livestock, Wine



Fixed match groups


Most of the groups organized by Melo Travel DMC are private groups, with a personalized program and accompanied by a guide, but we also offer group trips with fixed departures.

Our fixed-departure group trips were created for those who opt for a guided holiday in the Azores islands and want to share their excursions, activities and experiences with other travelers.

Group trips with a fixed departure have the advantage of generally being easier to book for both you and your client, as the minimum number of participants to complete the trip is normally quite low. The itineraries are extensively tested and approved to ensure that the best tourist sites in the Azores destination are seen and experienced.

Ideal for solo travelers looking for companionship, friends, or couples and families, group travel can offer camaraderie. Our groups can bring together people of different nationalities, providing a fun opportunity to meet new people while exploring the Azores destination. What our travelers have in common is the desire and passion to experience the great diversity of scenery, history and culture of the Azores, enjoying a guided and relaxed holiday.