Terms of Use

1. Property

1.1. The melotravel.com website, including logos, registered trademarks, copyrights, and services present in it, is owned by Melo, Lda., a company based at Rua de Santa Luzia, 7/11, 9500-114 Ponta Delgada, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Ponta Delgada, with the unique number of registration and legal person 512 005 133, with the registered capital of € 360 750,00, RNAVT registration nº 3544.

1.2. Melo, Lda. economic activity code is 79110 - Travel agency activities.

1.3. The present Terms of Use are intended to establish the terms and conditions governing access to information and content available on the melotravel.com website and to make reservations and payments to end customers hereinafter referred to as “USER(S)”.

1.4. Melo, Lda. reserves the right to insert, change and remove, without prior notice and with complete discretion, any information in these Terms of Use and General Terms. The user is responsible for reviewing the content of the Terms of Use and General Terms whenever consulting or booking trips through the melotravel.com website. The use of the melotravel.com website, after any changes introduced by Melo, Lda., will be considered as tacit acceptance of them.

2. Access to the web page

Melo, Lda. and the users of the www.melotravel.com page agree that access to it, viewing, using or contracting from it, are governed by these Terms of Use and General Terms.

For the use of this portal, the USERS expressly accept the full and unreserved adhesion to each and every one of the Terms of Use and General Terms of the website in the published version and in force at the same time that the USERS access this portal, especially those established on the limitation of liability, as well as those of any tourist or travel service provider. Therefore, USERS must carefully read these Terms of Use and General Terms before using the portal, since they may have been subject to changes since the last time they accessed it.

Melo, Lda. reserves the right to deny access to the website without prior notice, only access to persons over 18 and legally capable of doing so is permitted. Without prejudice to the above, the parties undertake to comply with all legislation and rules applicable to the referred website and to the reservations contracted through it.  

3. Property rights and other intellectual property rights

3.1. The melotravel.com website is for the user's personal and non-commercial use. All reproduction, transmission, exhibition, publication, distribution, making available to the public, creation of derivative works, modification, adaptation, translation, transfer or sale of any information, products or services obtained through this website and any other forms of exploitation, in whole or in part, of the content and materials of the melotravel.com website, namely, text, images, software, audio or video clips, is protected by Portuguese and international copyright law and is totally prohibited without prior authorization from Melo, Lda.

3.2. The use, obtaining or storage of the contents, materials, functions and information made available on the melotravel.com website, can only be carried out by the means provided and provided on it. In particular, the partial removal of text and / or images and reproduction in another context, or the complete reproduction of the melotravel.com website on another website are prohibited without the prior written consent of Melo, Lda.

3.3. USERS acknowledge and agree that the elements and intellectual property rights (including without limitation copyright, patent, product or service brand and industrial secrets) relating to the Melo, Lda. web page and that USERS receive or which they access, are the exclusive property of Melo, Lda. or its suppliers.

4. Contents

The contents of the www.melotravel.com page on the World Wide Web are protected by  Copyright © Melo, Lda. All rights that are not expressly granted herein are reserved rights. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in any form, without prior written authorization, is prohibited, unless done in accordance with the following terms. Melo, Lda. allows you to view its pages on your computer or to print copies of extracts from these pages exclusively for your personal use and not for redistribution, unless Melo, Lda. allows it in writing. Some documents on our pages on the World Wide Web may be subject to additional terms stated in those documents.

USERS recognize and accept:
- That, except as agreed herein, do not acquire any additional rights over the content.
- That the content, directly or indirectly received or to which you have access, is the exclusive property of Melo, Lda. or its suppliers, who will continue to be their sole owners.

5. Changes to the Melo, Lda. web page

5.1. Melo, Lda. may implement improvements or changes in the information, elements, data, services and other elements of this website or cancel it at any time without the need for prior notice.

5.2. Melo, Lda. can also modify these Terms of Use at any time, and such modification will be valid as long as it is introduced on the website.

5.3. Consequently, the access and subsequent use of the website presupposes the existence of approval by the USERS of the new Terms of Use.

5.4. Melo, Lda. may suspend access to the system object of this program, due to maintenance work, for network security reasons or for reasons of force majeure without the need for any prior notice.

5.5. This website is for exclusive access to the public so that they can make their reservations.

6. Responsibility

6.1. Melo, Lda. does not grant guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including, among others, guarantees of ownership, non-infringement, implied warranties of the possibility of commercialization or suitability for any specific purpose, in relation to availability, accuracy, reliability or content of these pages.

6.2. Under no circumstances may Melo, Lda. be held responsible for any losses, including lost profits and emerging damages, which are directly or indirectly related to the use, or the inability to use the contents, materials, functions and information made available through the site melotravel.com, even though Melo, Lda. has been informed of the possibility of such damages occurring.

6.3. The limitation of liability provided for in the previous point includes all damages caused to the User's computers, resulting from the direct or indirect, incidental or consequential use of the melotravel.com website, as well as any damages caused by the spread of viruses, "trojans" and "worms", whatever their source and mode of transmission.

6.4. All contents, materials, functions and information made available on or through melotravel.com are provided as they appear and are disclosed, without any guarantee of any kind provided by Melo, Lda.

6.5. The melotravel.com website may contain information, addresses or materials from other sites not belonging to Melo, Lda., for which the authors of those sites will be solely and exclusively responsible. Melo, Lda. is not responsible for the information, addresses or materials included in these sites.

6.6. The melotravel.com website may contain "links" (electronic links) to third party websites. Such links are for information only and Melo, Lda. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, integrity or legality of the content of these web sites, or for any information, opinions, offers of products or services contained therein. Melo, Lda. declares that it has no control, regarding the risk of confidentiality, security and others, over third party websites.

6.7. The user is responsible, in any case, for the veracity of the data provided, reserving to Melo, Lda. the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has provided false data, without prejudice to other actions that may be transferred to the judicial way.

6.8. The User, when sending materials to any of Melo, Lda. servers by email or through the Melo, Lda. pages on its website, agrees with the following:

(i) the materials must not contain any elements that are illegal or inappropriate for publication;

(ii) you must look for and eliminate any viruses or other destructive aspects before submitting any material;

(iii) owns the material you send or has an unlimited right to be able to provide it;

(iv) Melo, Lda. may publish these same materials free of charge and / or incorporate the same or any of the concepts described therein in its products.

7. Applicable law

For all disputes arising from the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms of Use, Portuguese law will apply.