An Adventure of a lifetime


Together with Corvo and Graciosa, the island of Flores is considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. With incredible untouchable beauty and full of hidden places, the island of Flores is undoubtedly a destination that cannot be missed. Forming the Western Group with Corvo and being the most western island of the archipelago, it delimits the European territory.

Pure intact nature is what Flores is all about, from waterfalls to lakes, the trip is never completely fulfilled until you have disconnected and enjoyed what is around you. Rocha dos Bordões, an imposing wall of thick basaltic columns, it is one of the most beautiful volcanic phenomena to observe and remember.

Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro is one of the best-known places on the island, accessible through a small trail, which allows you to lose yourself in its remarkable beauty, as no picture can represent what you are seeing. Abundance of flowers, crystal clear waterfalls, green scenery along the way, in its greatest authenticity, wherever we look it is evident that nature is in charge.