An Adventure of a lifetime


It´s very difficult to talk about Pico Island and not talk about its´ iconic Mountain, not only because they share the same name, but also because the summit represents the island in many ways. Seen very clearly from the other islands of the triangle, Faial and São Jorge, Pico Mountain is the highest of Portugal reaching 2351m and it becomes a real challenge for adventurous hikers. On a clear day the breathtaking view on top of the summit is indescribable and very rewarding which will give you a feeling of immensity. When visiting Pico, get as close to the mountain as possible, seeing it get bigger and bigger in your eyes, and go down to sea level, to enjoy the landscape and the typical rustic houses.

Pico wine is a product recognized and certified for its quality, making wine-growing a very important activity on the island and the center of life for many families. The vineyards arranged between loose stone walls were recognized as part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. If the climb to Pico mountain seems like a very big challenge, there are many other trails on the island, walking beside beautiful lakes or between the amazing vineyard scenery. Pico wine tasting is also part of the experience, as it gives your visit even more meaning.

The history of whaling is still very much present in the lives of the locals, there is a very present memory of what those days meant to them as a way of survival. The men gathered to hunt while their families stayed on land, hoping that they would return with a bonus. A tradition that continued for more than 100 years became the center of the local economy and culture with artisanal techniques until 1984, when hunting was prohibited. Even today, the sea and its wild animals are a great passion of the inhabitants of Pico. Today they dedicate themselves, with great enthusiasm, to the activity of whale watching and proudly show visitors how immense and graceful these animals are.